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Akismet doesn't catch spam

  • Hi,

    I install bbpress Version 1.0.1 that comes with Akismet. I saw most people got Akismet working automatically, but for me it’s never working and I would appreciate if someone can tell where to look such as a log or some clue why it’s not working. I test it with akismet-test-123 and viagra-test-123, but still I can post the topics. Please someone kindly give me a hint where to start.



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  • It’s not a good idea to try and test Akismet by posting fake spam… if Akismet decides you’re a spammer, then you could have all of your future valid comments blocked too!

    How do you know your Akismet isn’t working?

    Actually, I am not sure if it doesn’t work and come to this forum to confirm. What I did though, I have a spam post sample that Akismet can catch with Simplemachine forum. So, I post the exact same post on bbpress to test.

    If you’re not getting spam, then you don’t have to worry too much if it’s working or not!

    What I usually do on a new install is set it up with Akismet and then wait a week or so… for it to catch its first piece of spam! :-)

    Definitely do not try and “test” Akismet, as you don’t want to get blacklisted from all sites that use Akismet!

    Rhys Wynne


    I’m not entirely sure how Akismet works, but doesn’t it work with matching email addresses to known spammers, rather than forum names?

    I also think to trigger Akismet’s wrath, you’d also have to go on a mass commenting/spamming over a multitude of forums.

    Just activate it, and if you’re not getting spam, assume it’s working :)

    Akismet looks at a number of factors – ranging from email addresses to IPs and the texts of posts.

    _ck_ also suggested not trying to test Akismet with spammy comments:

    I don’t recommend trying to purposely cause spam to test it because akismet might flag you globally as a spammer and you’ll end up being bozo’ed across multiple forums/blogs.

    I’ve marked a few posts as spam on my forum, and noticed that every subsequent comment by that user got flagged by Akismet. Your mileage may vary… but you’re welcome to take your chances. :-)

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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