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Akismet deletes "spam" without letting me decide?

  • I just discovered that Akismet for BBPress is deleting certain posts automatically, without giving me any access at all to see what this spam really is.

    The reason I noticed is the Dashboards category “Recently moderated” – where a perfectly fine topic was deleted. I wonder how many times this has happened before.

    When I browse the Akismet stats, it tells me that certain days, it has deleted alot of spam, and this is really bad if it does so inaccuratly. How can I check what this spam was? And how can I prevent it from happening again?

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  • You should be able to access your Akismet spam queue at this URL:


    It should be linked under the Manage sub-tab, I think?

    You can clear spam from there! I definitely check my spam queue a few times a day… :-)



    You can always review what was marked as spam, and you can also just turn off the Akismet plugin if it’s not working well for you.

    johnhiler, theres no subtabs at all for the Akismet plugin.

    There is only “Akismet stats” and nothing else

    What version of bbPress are you using? Do you have a Manage subtab showing up in your admin area?

    Also – did you try the url directly?


    Yes and it didnt work.

    I use 1.02.

    Do you have the Akismet plugin installed and activated?

    Yes lol, thats the whole reason I’m having this problem.



    You can deactivate the plugin if you’re not happy with the performance. Is that an option for you?

    I prefer to have spam protection.

    I’m having the exact same problem. Akismet blocked a lot of replies, which I had to manually search hard in the database to put it back. But via the interface, it shows a nice chart, but no where, where you can see, which posts, topics or user accounts it has blocked.

    Last night me and a user, who was blocked, after doing a lot of testing at 2 a.m. discovered that his posts are not appearing in some topics.

    I prefer to have Akismet, but I also prefer to see in the backend if posts are being marked as spam, which posts exactly. Just like in WordPress.

    Exactly the same Chandersbs!

    Someone should update the Akismet plugin.



    That is how Akismet works in bbPress – can you post a screenshot of your admin? The Posts tab, then there is a drop down with the following choices: All, Normal, Deleted, Spam (if you’re using the Akismet plugin.) Is that not your experience?

    Chip Bennett


    To clarify chrishajer’s comment above:

    Click on the POSTS link/button.

    Then, along the top of the POSTS page is a filter form, with the following criteria: “Search Term”, “Forum”, “Tag”, “Post Author”, “Post Status”, and “Poster IP Address”.

    The fifth filter criterion is the Post Status dropdown.

    Select the “Post Status” dropdown, and you will find the following options: “All”, “Normal”, “Deleted”, “Spam”.

    Select the Spam option.

    Voila! Spam posts are displayed.

    (And I’m glad I did this. I found a false-positive.)

    chipbennet, thank you for that answer. I just found all the spam – that was not spam at all. I’m deactivating this lousy akismet shit.

    Absolutely no harmfull spam of any kind here.

    Thanks chipbennett, I tried that. I found 8 false positives.

    Chip Bennett


    Glad to help!

    And for the record, I think the spam moderation UI is an opportunity for serious improvement. Access to spam moderation should be much more straight-forward (a la WordPress’ handling of comment moderation).

    Seconded and multiplied chipbennet

    However the user still can’t post in that topic, but his replies do apear in other topics. Weird.

    I also agree with chipbennett.

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