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Ajax libs used…

  • I’m trying to integrate bbpress with wordpress using a theme i created. The problem is:

    My wp theme uses mootools. BBpress uses prototype. When I’m trying to include my template headers, neither my mootools, nor bbpress prototype functions are working.

    Please help me with a solution. Of course, I can just disable thoose functions. But the second questions I got is:

    Does bbpress really needs those ajax libs? Can’t those just be replaced with a smaller js function (used only for ajax http request, if this one is the only one bbpress uses so far)?

    Please help!

    Ohh, I forgot to tell that I’m using the mootools v1. The theme I’m trying to integrate both of them can be examined at

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  • Nah protoype.js can’t be removed, cause my bbMenu plugin uses/needs it too :)

    I guess you’ll need to include your .js in your template folder and call it from there…



    I don’t think you can use both frameworks at the same time. One is going to have to go.

    I wasn’t asking to remove the whole ajax staff.

    I was asking to reduce it. Once we need only ajax http requests feature, why we should use the whole lib?

    Can’t we just write a function for that?

    It would be also great to had the possibility of including or not including any ajax libs in forums API, those already predefined and distributed with the bbPress or WordPress?!

    Still unresolved…..

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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