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After WP Integration, Users Mapped > Then Disappeared

  • chazbeaner


    I successfully integrated WP and BB and mapped the user roles and everything was going swimmingly. A user went in today (roughly 24 hrs later) and noticed that the forum was asking him to login to post a reply even though he was showing as logged in on the WP and BB sites. I went into the CMS (was recognizing me as being logged in as admin obv) and noticed that the User Roles had been reset to default, as if they had never been mapped.

    So, I remapped the User Roles between WP and BB and now everything works as it is supposed to on the front end, but on the back end BB is now telling me that I have “No Users Matching That Request” under the Users page and no matter what search I run there are no Users listed anywhere on the back end.

    Thoughts? I have integrated bbPress within the framework of WP, so maybe that is the issue, but it seems to be a DB disconnect.

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