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After upgrade to 2.6.x: Latest reply is not the latest one (index only)

  • domi80



    We’ve got an issue after upgrading bbPress to 2.6.x:

    The “latest reply” column on the forum index page isn’t showing the real latest reply. Instead, we see the latest reply as it was just before the upgrade to 2.6.x.
    None of the replies after the update are displayed.
    This happens only at the forum index, not on the sub forum index pages; the sub forum index page shows the right latest reply.

    The options to repair/recalculate didn’t correct the information in the “latest reply” column.

    We’ve seen this on 2.6.1 and 2.6.3.
    We did a downgrade to 2.5.14 twice, once after 2.6.1 and once after 2.6.3, we did every time the repair/recalculate, and we’ve got the column working good again with the right and expected “latest reply”.

    Note: It’s in Dutch localized.

    bbPress version now: 2.5.14
    We have the forum index built by using the shortcode [bbp-forum-index] .
    For the sub forums, we use the corresponding shortcode with the ID of the sub forum.
    WordPress version 5.3.2.
    PHP version 7.3.12.

    Anyone else having this situation? How did you get it solved?
    Or could this be a bug in the bbPress?

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Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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