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After installation /bbpress redirects to install

  • 1. I installed the forums using same info as WordPress database

    2. After installation it said forums were installed with minor errors -> “Forums not installed”. which contradict each other.

    3. Every time I go to the forum page it redirects to the install page (which I removed, so now it’s a blank URL).

    4. I activated the plug in in wordpress

    5. I changed the cookies.

    6. It’s still redirecting to the install page.

    Why does it keep redirecting to the install page?

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  • Elias


    Ouch, “minor errors” and “Forums not installed” isn’t exactly user-friendly…

    I suspect the installer script wasn’t able to create the file bb-config.php caused by too restrictive permissions in the directory bbPress is installed in. To create this file, the directory have to be writeable for the user running the webserver. If this is the cause of this failure (look for a file bb-config.php in the bbPress directory, if it is missing, it is the problem), just give the directory 0777 permissions before starting the installation. After the installation completed, the permissions can be (and should be) set more restrictive.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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