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after install, user registration, new posts and viewing themes are not working

  • dpwolfe



    Today, I installed bbPress on my WordPress blog site and most things are working. The install log said “>>> Key master email not sent!” but all else went fine including WordPress integration as I can see my forum user names (I created two) replicate in my WordPress Dashboard Users area.

    As the Key Master of bbPress, I have also successfully created two forum categories and several sub-forums (children) where members can post messages…theoretically.

    But, I’m experiencing the following issues that I have no clue how to resolve:

    1. Signed in as the Key Master, I don’t see where I can create a new post

    2. As part of registering as a forum user using a different user name, I did not receive an e-mail containing my password. So, I signed into my WordPress Dashboard Users area and assigned my second user name one so I could access my forum with my non-Key Master user name. Not having this forum registration process work without having to sign into WordPress is a problem.

    3. No matter which user name I sign into the forum with, when I click on any listing in the Forum Main Theme’s area, I get the “The page cannot be found” error message. See:

    4. When I get the “The page cannot be found” error message, the URL repeats the directory where I installed the bbPress software and I’m not clear as to why this is happening:

    I did install the bbPress software in a folder called “forum” which is a subfolder of my blogging software.

    Please help!

    Thank you in advance for your kindness.


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