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After Implementing bbPress I Lost the ability to add "Member", "Moderator", etc

  • rizingsun


    Hello folks,

    I’ve been having a problem with my Buddypress MulitSite after installing bbPress. (Initial thread

    On a subsite I created a while ago, on the “Add New User” page ( I can add a new user while assigning their role as: Admin, Editor, Author, Keymaster, Member, Blocked, Inactive, etc

    But on another subsite I created today, on the same “Add New User” page, the only roles I can assign to a new user are: Subscriber, Administrator, Editor, Author, Contributor.

    Just those 5.

    The only change I made in between was installing bbPress.

    One thing I just noticed is that for the “functioning” subsites (where I can see “all” the roles), under the users page (, the admin is also the keymaster.

    In the new sites being created (without “all” the user roles), the admin is not the keymaster in the user page. In fact, there is no keymaster.

    So does this problem stem from bbpress? I only recently installed BB-Press plugin, before the problems began. So I’m assuming this might be the problem. I network deactivated it, but the problem still stands.

    Any ideas how I can fix this?

    Any theories?

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