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After BBP was intergrated into WP, how can I make it(bbp) accessible inside WP?

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  • Assuming you have permalinks set up, create a page with the permalink forums so the full url would be http://localhost/wordpress/forums

    Because the directory exists, when someone goes to the page they will end up on your forum.

    Sorry that I’m so ignorant of WordPress. I found Permalink Settings in WordPress Dashboard (admin), and there, which should I choose(maybe Custom Structure?) and set what value?


    Doesn’t matter as long as they are not the default ?post=2

    The structure affects posts but page permalinks are always in the format url/slug

    I always use the year/month/title option.



    Thanks for your reply. Yes, if I select year/month/title option, it goes to http://localhost/wordpress/forums/ (which is bbpress) page, which I wanted.

    However, I have another page, like about and staff.. and they do not exist like forum, so I need them to be like default?p=123

    Currently, if I click about page, it tries to go to http://localhost/wordpress/about/ and it throws Object not found! error because I do not have about page. How can I solve this problem?




    I solved the problem, the issue was about using xampp locally. The solution is

    The solution is to turn on mod_rewrite by editing apache/conf/httpd.conf. Just remove the comment in front of the line (around line #118) and restart Apache.

    LoadModule rewrite_module modules/

    thanks to

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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