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Advanced user registration.

  • mute_


    Hei there.

    I would like if people who wants to register at my forum, can type a lot of info in about themselves, insteed of just username and email.
    Is there a plug in or code for adding extra features?

    Second, i have a hard time getting the start new topic “button” to show, im using the formula [bbp-topic-form forum_id=$forum_id] on my specific forum page – nothing happens!?

    Hope for some help 🙂

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  • Robin W


    Try this one, I haven’t used it, but seems to cover what you want



    Thanks for your answer.
    What im looking for is more the “register page”, (might be in membership but i cant find it). I want people to be able to put in more then their name and email, to create a number of optional extra info lines for people to fill out.
    People who register should all have the same level of access to the site’s forum.

    Dont seem to be able to find a plugin for it, though im pretty sure im wrong since i cant be the first one with this problem 🙂

    Robin W


    I think the plugin talked about membership form -, have you actually tried it?

    Personally I just use cformsII plugin – google it and a video on how to set it up as its flexible but not very friendly initially – just create a form and then create a “register” page and put the short code in, and hook your login widget to it.

    It does mean manual registration – ie you need to set each user up, but that lets me check who’s joining !

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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