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Admins cannot remove other user's tags

  • It appears that Admins are no longer able to remove other user’s tags.

    The [x] appears, but clicking it results in an error page indicating the tag was not removed.

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  • chrishajer


    Are you using a default theme, and what plugins are you using? What version of bbPress and is it integrated with WordPress (and the version there too if so)?

    bbPress Version: 1.0.2


    Admin add user | Version 1.0 | By Thomas Klaiber

    Akismet | Version 1.0 | By Michael Adams

    Allow Images Version 0.7.1 | By Michael D Adams

    Avatar | Version .73a | By Joshua Hutchins

    bbPress Mobile Edition | Version 0.73 | By Trent Adams (Alex King Code)

    BBPress Private Messaging | Version 0.73 | By Joshua Hutchins

    Bozo Users | Version 1.1 | By Michael Adams

    Censor | Version 0.1 | By Michael Nolan

    Fix bbPress | Version 0.8.1-1 | By Michael D Adams

    Fix Logins | Version 0.0.1 | By Scott Steadman (Based on howtogeek plugin)

    Ignore Member | Version 0.06 | By _ck_

    Indicate New Posts | Version 0.8 | By fel64

    Online List | Version 1.4 | By Thomas Klaiber

    Post Notification | Version 1.3 | By Thomas Klaiber

    Quote | Version 0.1 | By Michael Nolan

    Usernames I18N Fix | Version 1.0 | By Sewar

    Please let me know if there is any more information I can provide.



    What template are you using, or what is your forum URL?

    We’re using a custom template based off of kakumei.

    The forum URL is:



    Try the kakumei template for just a minute and see if the admins can remove other’s tags. If they can, then you need to determine what the difference is between the two themes that would cause this.

    They still don’t delete, and I get the message: ‘An unidentified error has occurred.’

    Nothing shows up in the apache error log.



    1. I see you’re using 1.0.1. I would recommend upgrading to the latest to see if that happens to fix it.

    2. I added a tag to a topic, and I do not have the [X] to remove my own tag. Why can’t I delete my own tag?

    There is also some additional functionality where it shows ‘tree’ by ‘chrishajer’ – that’s not there by default, so how is that being added?

    This error does not occur by default in bbPress, so there is something specific about your installation. If it’s not the template, maybe it’s a plugin or something else you added.

    My install of bbPress has been acting this way since I first set it up. Ive got a custom theme running and a huge list of plugins so I really don’t even know where to start hunting. Pretty annoying but not the end of the world.

    I run Kakumei and it allows me to delete users tags.

    Thanks for your assistance. I’ll disable the plugins until I find out which one is causing it.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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