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Administrator and Keymaster problems

  • hassebasse


    I’ve got a problem with Administrator / Keymaster and other roles when installing bbPress.

    When setting up the site in 4.0 I created 2 administrators beside myself, and the rest of the members of the club I gave the roles of Authors or Editors (but in French Auteur and Editeur). When installing bbPress everyting screwd up. Suddenly everyone had the lowest role and the other administrators couldn’t log in to the Dashboard but of some reason my previliges as Administrator remaind. When attempting to give back the roles as Admins to the other 2 accounts, there where no Admin in the list to so I couldn’t give them that role. The highest role I could give them was Editor

    I then deinstalled bbPress. My Administrator account then turned into Keymaster and the other two former Adminstrators turned into Editeurs (editor in French) but all the other members got their old roles.

    So when now trying to give back the Administrors role to myslef (who is a Keymaster for the moment) and to the other 2 accounts there is no Administrator in the list just a mitchmach of roles in English and in French. What turnes up are (rmember that bbPress is deinstalled now):

    * Abboné
    * Participant
    * Moderator
    * Blocked
    * Spectator
    * Keymaster
    * Contributeur
    * Auteur
    * Editeur

    (FYI I have now upgraded WordPress to 4.0.1)

    What is this all about. How do I give people the roles of Adminstrator ??? And why did the roles change in the first place ?

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  • Robin W


    Firstly bbpress roles and wp roles are entirely different, and are set in different places in wordpress, although they share the wp-capabilities space in wp_options.

    So you can have an author who is also a keymaster and an administrator who is only a participant.

    what other plugins are you running ? and how and where were/are you setting up the bbpress roles?

    a membership plugin might be responsible for this??



    Hi, I havn’t notices your answer earlier.

    I installed bbPress as a try, but when I noteiced that it screwed up the roles I took it away, but to no use, and that is the situation today.


    Responsive by CyberChimps

    Advanced Access Manager
    Clef (i just took it awy but not differnce)
    Contact Form
    Download Monitor
    Exportez les données utilisateurs.
    FooBox Free Image Lightbox
    iFeature Slider Free
    MailPoet Newsletters
    Photo Gallery
    Responsive Add Ons
    Shortcodes Ultimate
    The Events Calendar
    UpdraftPlus – Backup/Restore
    WP Super Cache

    I am 100%sure that the problems arrived with bbPress.

    Today I am the only with admin rights, but I the user list I am given the role as Keymaster but as said, I am defacto an Administrator.

    NOte that Administrator does not exisit in the list !!!

    For the others, I can give them the roles as keymasters but defacto they rights will not be higher than Editors.

    NOTE that bbPress is not intalled but the roles availbel are (a mix of English and French):

    Abonné (French)
    Contributeur (French)
    Auteur (French)
    Editeur (French)

    Thankful for all help because I really must give the roles as editors to some more peoples.




    Sorry sorry sorry,

    I found the answer. Your question gave me the lead (what other plugins are you running ? and how and where were/are you setting up the bbpress roles?a membership plugin might be responsible for this?? )

    It was the Advanced access manager !!!

    Thank you !!!


    Robin W


    great, I was about to suggest that ass the issue !

    Glad you’re fixed !



    I’m very much a newbe to the world of WordPress and as I installed a few plug-ins at the time, I happend to give the blame to bbPress. Thanks again !

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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