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admin panel warning

  • I just converted my forum from phpBB.

    Everything looks like working fine except the admin panel warning about the statistics

    It is probably because the forum start date is not configured correctly somewhere but I couldnt find it so far.

    Can anybody help me?

    here is the warning message I get;

    Warning: Division by zero in /home/hosting/public_html/forums/bb-includes/ on line 214

    Warning: Division by zero in /home/hosting/public_html/forums/bb-includes/ on line 194

    Warning: Division by zero in /home/hosting/public_html/forums/bb-includes/ on line 174

    Warning: Division by zero in /home/hosting/public_html/forums/bb-includes/ on line 244

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  • I got the same problem on a fresh install.

    Just installed…

    WP MU 2.8.1

    BBPress 1.01 bachet



    I think that this problem occurs in forums w/o posts, when the various numbers are divided by the number of posts, which is zero. But it is a bug, the code must test for zero as denominator…

    I have posts in my forum from the converted phpbb. And I also add more posts after I fully converted to bbpress. so it is not the matter of no posts.



    Remember to file bug reports on

    They are not much help here.

    here is my fix for this problem

    It turned out that couple of topics in the topic tables didnt have topic start time.

    It was 0000-00-00 00:00:00. It was probably from converting from phpBB.

    I changed to start times and then there is no warnings anymore.

    Confirmed, it is because there are no forums and posts

    I’ve deleted the initial forum, this because it was more easy to me to start over with forums hierarchy.

    This action leaded to the “Warning: Division by zero in” error.

    Later, when I’ve created one valid forum and written my first topic, “Warning: Division by zero in” disappeared.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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