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Admin panel link redirects to front page

  • I’ve installed bbpress .9.0.2 and I’m not integrating with WordPress. The install went fine, but when I log in as the keymaster, I see the link to the Admin area, but clicking on it does nothing. I’ve looked at a couple of other posts about this but they were for earlier versions, so I don’t think they’re going to solve my problem. Help greatly appreciated.

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  • chrishajer


    When you say does nothing, what actually happens? Redirected to the previous page, or the same page just reloads without being in the admin section? Something has to be happening, right?

    How about permalinks? None, numeric of name-based? Can you click other things on the forum and get to those pages?

    If the user you logged in as was not a keymaster (or admin or moderator), you would not see the admin link (I don’t think.) So I doubt that you lost the keymaster privileges.

    Are you using any plugins? Are you using the default theme? Have you made any modifications?

    Good questions! This is an initial install, so there’s nothing previous there. When I click the admin link, it reloads the front page. I can click on a forum or post and it takes me to the right page. The permalinks appear to be numeric. I haven’t made any changes at all. I am using the default theme, no plugins. It’s a pretty virgin install. :)



    So the only thing that does not work is the link to admin? Everything else works? You can post and reply and navigate to current topics?

    What sort of host is this on? Linux of Windows?

    Yep, that’s the only thing that doesn’t work. I was able to register another user, post to a forum, etc.

    The install is on a linux box. The directory for the install is /var/../…/bbpress

    So it turns out–this is a Firefox 3 bug! It works on IE, Safari, and Firefox 2.



    Interesting. There have been differences between IE and FF before, but I haven’t heard of one between FF3 and FF2 until now. Was it possibly a cookie issue, where the other browsers would not have had the cookies that FF3 had?

    Yes, it might have been, because I cleared all my cookies and that made it work again.



    already cleared my cookies in both firefox and safari. still no good. any help please?

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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