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Admin over-ride on user notification preferences?

  • Hi all,

    I just found out that SMF can have ADMINS hit a few buttons and over-ride all user preferences regarding for “reply to thread” email notifications. I personally love email notification, and think that systems that rely on RSS are just creating far too much work. Can BBpress set up something like this so that all users receive email notification re: replies? SMF can set it up so that each current user and all future guests and future users will receive email notification on any thread that is replied to.

    You might not think it’s a good idea, but personally I think it’s so important it’s something I would remove from BBpress’s plugins and have straight in the core.

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  • chrishajer


    You might think it’s a good idea in the core, but I doubt it would ever happen. It’s available with a plugin, and I think that’s where it will probably stay. It’s a philosophical difference in the way bbPress thinks. They don’t load bbPress down with a lot of functionality people might not need. But they do allow plugins to offer that functionality.

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