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Admin Links at top not working – example provided

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  • hmmm

    OK, I think my forum name is too long and is covering it up actually.

    You would see the login form but I see the admin and log out links cause I’m automatically logged in from my WP cookie –

    this is lucky cause I have to manually go to the admin index and shorten the name of my forum…

    Guess what. Shortening the Forum name in Content > Forum doesn’t change the actual forum name? Why is that?

    It says “Home Interior Art Forums – Open Home Decor Discussions – *No Registration Needed!*” and I want to shorten it.

    Yup my forum title was too long and can be altered by editing the value in config.php – seems it should be editable on an Options tab like WP?



    The $bb->name setting in config.php is the name for the whole site and the name you see in Admin > Content > Forum is the name of the categories or sub-forums (however you want to think about it – see the bottom of for “Installation”, “Troubleshooting”, “Themes”, etc – that is what you’re changing in Admin > Content > Forums). Changing it there does indeed change the display (look at the bottom of the front page to see the name you are changing in the admin panel: it’s under “Forums”). If it’s not working like that in your installation, there’s another problem I’m not familiar with.

    Anyway, being able to change the site name in the admin panel might be a good suggestion. You can make feature requests at .



    I have the problem that I canĀ“t acces the admin panel since I deleted worpress and the wordpressdatabase.

    does anyone know how to change that?



    I think you should start a new topic.

    If you deleted the WordPress database and your your bbPress installation was in the same database, then your bbPress installation is gone. You might restore from backup, but other than that you need to reinstall fresh.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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