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Admin Link in Sidebar

  • mantraofdoom


    Hi everyone, I just started a site that uses WP and BBP together, and aside from a few outstanding issues, things are working out nicely.

    I built a theme for the forum that matches the WP theme, and it has a sidebar. When the user is logged in, it shows Welcome [username] and shows the avatar, a link to edit profile, my favorites, and log out.

    How can I have if the keymaster/admin/mod is logged in, a link to the dashboard? I tried some code from the default template, but nothing really seems to give me a direct link to admin. Is there a templates tag list for bbpress like the one for wordpress?

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  • There are template function lists if you Google around, but I don’t know if any are up-to-date for 1.0.2

    I think bb_admin_link() and get_bb_admin_link() would do what you’re trying to do.



    Thanks Kawauso! I just added <?php bb_admin_link();?> under everything else and it works.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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