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Admin just showing up as some text + missing links

  • Hi

    I’ve just installed the new version of BBPress and followed the instructions to integrate

    it with WP.

    When I log in and click on Admin I just get a plain text page, where my only options

    are to choose the template. So basically I can’t go any further with this install…

    Does anyone have a way to fix this please

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  • Sven Lehnert


    I have the same problem.

    I use wpmu 2.8.4a buddypress 1.0.3 and bbpress 1.0.2

    I have deep integration and the forum is working very well. Also I have the buddybar integrated. I just doesn’t have a regular admin interface…

    In the moment I go to all sites by calling the page directly. For example to activate plugins I go to

    Here the link to the forum its looking normal

    Any idea how to get it fixed?

    Sven Lehnert


    Nobody out there who can help?

    If I inset admin-header.php and admin-footer.php to the forum/bb-admin/index.php file, the admin is back again.

    1. <?php

    2. require_once(‘admin.php’);

    3. require_once( BB_PATH . BB_INC . ‘’ );

    4. require_once(‘admin-header.php’); (new)


    123. <?php require_once(‘admin-footer.php’); (new)

    124. bb_get_admin_footer(); ?>

    but this is just a dirty hack… what is going wrong there?

    Sven Lehnert


    … 1 month ago! nobody having this problem?

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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