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  • Here is my latest redesign of my site.. the site has wordpress and bbpress completely integrated..

    there is no bbpress frontpage it shares the wordpress frontpage. the plugins are shared by both bbpress and wordpress.

    I have integrated the search also.. try the ajax live search. type and wait.

    Here is the link –

    I will be releasing the last theme ‘sunnyside’ in a few days

    let me hear your thoughts.

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  • Looks horribly in ie6 :( (only have ie6 at work :))

    just like my other websites.. i have this thing for ie6.. but i should put some thing up for IE6 though..

    I like it :) How’d you achieve this level of bb integration? Are you includeing bbP or have you written a bunch of functions to emulate all that?

    The livesearch is just awesome.


    its some simple hacks that get the two systems in love.. :)



    Yes, so what sort of hacks did you use?

    I think it looks great! Keep up the good work!


    Hello Aditya,

    I have emailed you using your email for a project. Does that email work?



    I am writing a series of posts details all the integration that i have done.. here is the first installment





    Loading bb when you load wp, coolio. That’s what I wanted to know. :)



    Are you aware that flicker image you load in your header is over 500k in size? That’s a little crazy – even on broadband I can count the seconds while it loads…

    So just out of curiosity how many queries does bb+wp combined use per page load…?

    aah.. bandwidth smandwidth! i love the way i love .. lol!

    i didnt check the number queries.. i am using caching which caches dynamic pages to static and then serves it. i wouldn’t sweat it.


    I have been looking for something similar to the ChipIn gadget… I am so happy that I found your page just for that =)

    Very nice theme also.

    I applied that fix to my Wp and bbpress from your intergration method so1o and it works great! I put a member cp in my sidebar section for bbpress with the latest comments from wp expecting to cringe from the errors and i never got one. Plus i also have some tags in my footer calling from my wp and that works as well. Im loving this!

    The only part i didnt apply on your tutorial was the template intergration where you said to pull the header and footer in. Since the themes i use are the same as my wp themes i didnt see the point in doing that. Glad to say it worked even without using that method though. Keep up the excellent work!


    if you are already using the theme from wp you wouldnt need the theme integration..

    Wow, I just tried to visit the site and it didn’t load (Using IE7). It just has a link to BrowseHappy, never heard of it. Sorry, I’m not going to switch browsers just to see your site. I’ll try and see if FireFox works when I get around to installing that, but I think it’s kind of harsh to require your users use a particular browser, especially a lesser known one. My 2c.

    I know avatar.. Its kinda harsh.

    Sorry – but I am still trying to fix the IE css.. so i have put that up as a placeholder till i fix the css for IE.

    i looks like its fixed.. though its clunky at best..

    give it a go in IE and let me know what you think.

    The site looks great in firefox!

    do you integrated avatars as well?

    no. Its gravatar for wordpress integrated for bbpress

Viewing 20 replies - 1 through 20 (of 20 total)
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