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Adding/Modifying/Deleting authors in WP…

  • Does it transcend over to bbPress, if I have the WP-bbPress integration plugin in place… at times I remove authors from WP or modify their rank from author to just subscriber… will all these show in bbPress…

    if I change an author to a subscriber in WP, will that person be still able to log into bbPress?

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  • If your bbPress install is using WP user integration then it uses the WP user table. It doesn’t use the WP roles though. Changing a role in WP doesn’t change a role in bbPress. Really in bbPress you are just a member or not unless they are an admin. You have to change the role in both programs if you have a desired role in mind


    Trent, Thanks… so if I delete an author in WP, I need not worry about it in bbPress. But if I change an author to a subscriber and don’t want him/her to access bbPress then I need to go and delete the author in bbPress. I hope I got this right…

    Oh… another thing… in this scenario if I delete an author in bbPress, will it get deleted in WP?

    Actually, when integrated both programs use the users of WP. If you delete a user in program they are gone in both. You can change roles around in either program and it doesn’t affect the role in the other. If you have a user in WP and don’t want them to post in bbPress you can change their bbPress role to inactive. All they would have to do is register another user to post though. WP is different. Registrations in either program creates user in WP with default role until you change that


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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