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Adding to topic form

  • Several plugins add options to the topic submission and edit forms (Support Forum, bbcode-buttons, etc).

    I know how to add to the end of those forms with add_action(‘hook’,’function’), but I don’t understand how they add their fields to specific areas of the form, such as below the Topic title field, above the post text field, above the tag field, etc.

    Is there a proper way to do this so it remains theme agnostic?

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  • Since no one seems to be able to answer my question, I’ll post what I’ve discovered on my own, in case it could help someone who stumbles across this topic.

    Digging through “” there seem to only be a few hooks available in this area.

    Post Form:

    pre_post_form, post_form, post_post_form

    Edit Form:

    pre_edit_form, edit_form, post_edit_form

    Some themes appear to have their own hooks. In kakumei I found:

    post_form_pre_post, edit_form_pre_post

    Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be too much room to insert into the form in a theme-agnostic way. In-order to have things look right, you’ll probably have to modify the theme.

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