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Adding Theme Pages

  • I have bbPress up and running and have heavily modified a theme to change the front page, and forum pages. Here is my hierarchy:

    Front Page – displays only the top level forums (Parent), but also display sub forums descriptions (Group), then the sub forums of each group (Child) are listed and linked. Looks really cool and is exactly what we need for a project I am working on. I have modified the forum.php to check what type of forum it is (Parent, Group, Child) and load the correct file.

    Now, I would like to have a “Hot Topics” page where any item set as “sticky to the top” will list just like they would normally list on the standard home page. Is there a way to set bbpress to load a non-standard file, so like /bbpress/hot-topics.php, which is actually the original forum.php

    Hope that hasn’t confused anyone. I have looked around at all the bbPress code to find a hook, action or filter for this, but can’t seem to find it. Thanks.

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  • So am I to assume there is no way to add pages to bbPress? Oly the default pages can be used? Darn, might have to look for something else. :(

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