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Adding Read/Unread post status to bbPress Plugin?

  • tooltrainer


    I posted about this in the plugin updates thread but realize now that wasn’t really the best place. So here goes again…

    The bbP plugin appears to currently have no way to differentiate to the reader between topics they have previously read, or not. I think this is pretty essential for any forum and of course there are many plugins to handle this for standalone bbP, but I don’t believe those will be of use if I’m using the bbP Plugin version.

    I’d like to know if anyone has any interest in helping me tackle this feature. I’m just enough of a developer to understand the basic logic and queries required, but not familiar enough with the WP code structure to tackle it without making a huge mess.

    I can see that every topic or forum is recorded as a Post with a corresponding post_type, so it seems to me that all that would be needed is to record the user_ids that have read any specific topic, in a new field alongside the post itself in wp_posts. Then when the topics are being listed, if the current user’s id is listed as having read that post already, style the title one way, else style it another way. That’s my lay-person’s solution anyway, someone else may have a better approach.

    Anyone interested? I have a rather urgent need for this and am willing to pay someone to implement it if they can do so quickly. I’ve even just put a job up on Odesk in case anyone there could handle it. Whatever solution I end up with I will gladly contribute it back to the project if it’s wanted.


    Jonathan <— remove the excess dots to email me

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Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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