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Adding placeholder text to textarea, esp in new topic form

  • lamitdeptvolunteer


    I noticed textarea for newtopic description is generated using bbp_the_content function. I.e., not available in form-topic.php site specific copy.

    • bbPress 2.5.11
    • WordPress 4.6.1
    • site (internal)

    If this is worth your time, how do I add placeholder attribute in the following list, without breaking the upgrade mechanism? I mean if it is a five minute job for any of you. Otherwise I can spend my own time to work around it using css… it’s nagging me that you all would not have forgotten to allow for this …reasonably important thing… I think.

    	function bbp_get_the_content( $args = array() ) {
    		// Parse arguments against default values
    		$r = bbp_parse_args( $args, array(
    			'context'           => 'topic',
    			'before'            => '<div class="bbp-the-content-wrapper">',
    			'after'             => '</div>',
    			'wpautop'           => true,
    			'media_buttons'     => false,
    			'textarea_rows'     => '12',
    			'tabindex'          => bbp_get_tab_index(),
    			'tabfocus_elements' => 'bbp_topic_title,bbp_topic_tags',
    			'editor_class'      => 'bbp-the-content',
    			'tinymce'           => false,
    			'teeny'             => true,
    			'quicktags'         => true,
    			'dfw'               => false
    		), 'get_the_content' );

    Here is what I am trying to do, i.e., add the words “… and a short description of the topic here.” in the blue area.
    Create a new conversation topic using the form below

    Create a new Conversation

    Editing — Apparently, the image didn’t show. Here is the link, if you like

    Thank you!

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  • lamitdeptvolunteer


    Ah, forgot this one!

    I guess this got ignored because it looked like a programming question … I was trying to get the attention to “architectural” difference in how that component is displayed.

    I had solved this problem by wrapping the textarea in a new div class by editing the theme-specific copy of form-topic.php, and adding text via css that way.

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