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Adding meta data with BuddyPress Integration

  • Kieran


    Hi there,

    I’m using bbpress with buddypress. Its great but there is no meta data:

    1. Page title is simply the name of the forum for evey topic in that forum
    2. No meta description.
    3. No meta keywords

    I found this post where chrishajer and _ck_ show how to insert keywords in to a bbpress topic. But does anyone know how I can get this working for bbpress when it is integrated with buddypress?

    It would be great to have topic title=page title, first post in topic=page description (perhaps limited to 255 characters) and tags=keywords (as above).

    Does anyone know how this might be done?

    Thanks a lot!

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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