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Adding Images from a PC to a Topic.

  • Is it possible for a user to upload images directly into the topic from his or her PC? I mean without it being held on a server somewhere and using <img src=” “/> to post it in the topic. Copying and pasting a image did not work for me.

    Thank you.

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  • I already answered this in your other thread:

    Please don’t start another one for exactly the same thing. Unless you mean, can you upload an image without having to upload it to a server of some kind? In which case, not very practically no.

    Yes. That is what I meant. Can a user if logged in, upload an image from their PC onto the forum server?

    Thank you.

    In my experience, this is the best plugin for uploading images to your forum:

    It is what I want exactly. Just not working for me.


    Check out the comments on the plugin… it’s a bit tricky to configure since you have to make sure to create the upload directory about your webroot (for security reasons):

    # make a directory /bb-attachments/ ABOVE your webroot ie./home/username/bb-attachments/

    # chmod 777 the above /bb-attachments/ directory

    It’s definitely worth it though – the security help keeps your site safe. :-)

    I am not too sure of doing what you outlined above correctly myself. Make a directory like a folder you mean under my plugins? And is home and user name replaced by something? How do I chmod it?


    No the directory shouldn’t be under /my-plugins/… it should be higher in your directory structure.

    You know the folder that your bb-config.php file is in? You should put /bb-attachments/ in the folder *above* that one.

    The bb-config.php file is in the bb-press directory. Above that is the DB backup and HTML directory. Is there an example I can see somewhere? Or can you explain a little more in depth please as I am still learning.

    Thank you.

    Create a “bb-attachments” folder in in the HTML directory… then change the permissions on that folder to 777.

    I created the folder “bb-attachments” and used Filezilla to change permission to 777. Still did not see images or image links.


    Even after clicking on Upload, I did not a link in the post and neither did I see any images in the newly created folder either.


    I’d have to see your settings…

    bb-attachments requires some careful admin of the settings… do you have a tech savvy friend nearby that can help out?

    I called GoDaddy where I host and they said that HTML is the highest root in shared hosting. I cannot go above it. Can the plugin be modified so as to work in the HTML folder?


    The plugin doesn’t need to go above HTML. Make sure you have followed all the directions for installation correctly.

    Yah sorry for any confusion – create a new folder called “bb-attachments” and put it in the HTML folder… and chmod it to 777.

    So what I did was wrong? I clicked on create a directory and named it “bb-attachments” in the HTML directory. I will try uploading an empty folder called “bb-attachments” this time and see if that works.

    Will update shortly.

    Still nothing. Created the folder on the desktop, uploaded via FTP, changed permissions to 777 and just see my text, no link to image.

    Did you read all 16 pages of comments on the plugin page? There are some pretty helpful clues there!

    Try making this line in the settings specific to your site… one user set theirs to this:


    Ask your webhost what the exact path is to your HTML directory?

    Thanks. Will try that too. It might also be an issue with bbPress 1.0 that could be the problem, compatibility issues.

    That could also be it. When I type in I get an error message.

    InvTrdr, did you follow all of the installation instructions, i.e. activating the plugin and setting the options?

    I only ask because you mention other little steps like “clicking on Upload,” but haven’t confirmed that you have completed every other direction outlined on the plugin page.(Which is where this discussion should really be, by the way.)

    Yes. It has been activated. I see the option to upload images in each post.

    I am getting to the point where I see a red X where the image or link to image should be in the post.


    Ah the red X… the solution to that is mentioned in the comments of the plugin:

    Thanks for all the help. Posted that Q about the red X in the other forum.

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