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Adding bbPress as a WordPress Page

  • I noticed someone had done this (lotsofcars blog??), where bbPress loads into a standard static wordpress page. I have the ‘execphp.php’ plugin installed, should this be as simple as copy-pasting the index code into the body of the page text (using html view), and making sure the paths to the rest of bbPress files are correct?? Or is there another, smarter method?

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  • The page you refer to is one of my sites: and it took a bit of playing to get it “integrated”, but its easy now.

    Basically when you go to , you’re not going to a page called forum, you’re actually loading the bbpress directory. I created a folder called “my-templates” and began warping the standard layout to match my layout. It involved some heavy modification of the bbpress layout files. The main files I tweaked with are: headers.php, front-page.php, footer.php, and style.css. I also did some slight tweaking with the login-form.php also.


    that is a great site, i’m actually working a car site as well called, so i might be pinging you for some feedback.




    Of course, I would be glad to help.

    Sounds like more work than I can get into right now…the integrations on abunchofcars looks great btw. Would you be willing to post your mods somewhere? It may be handy to have something like this with a little instruction so others can integrate, and just edit a single variable, such as width, to accomodate different wp templates…..thanks!

    Thank you! I’ll post the instructions when I get a chance. =)

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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