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Adding another block of forums?

  • I would like to add another block of forums underneath my first block – you can see them here

    I would like to change the header “Forums” to something different and then add another block of forums underneath that – a block clearly different than the first block. I hope this is making sense. For instance:


    *forum A

    *forum B

    *forum C


    *forum 1

    *forum 2

    *forum 3

    Is this possible? I looked through the forums here and didn’t see anything about this. Please link the thread if it has already been brought up.

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  • bakedlogdotcom


    are you looking to display 2 seperate instances of bbpress? or just multiple main Forums with sub-category forums?

    multiple main forums with their corresponding subcategories… I’d like two main forum blocks with subforums under each.

    I think this would be an great addon, so you could have top level categories and then forums within them.

    Jnewing, it is possible to give forums subforums in the latest development version. Grab a copy of 1.0-alpha off trac or wait for release.

    Exactly, this is scheduled for the next release and is working in the latest TRAC version. Be warned prior to downloading, that it is a developmental version of bbPress and may not work 100%. I run it on my site, but I am comfortable working with errors! It is better to ask yourself that question prior to testing out the TRAC version.


Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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