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Adding a Navigation Bar to the Kakumei theme.

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  • What I meant was a navigation bar similar to the one in this template above and just below the bbPress logo.


    Yes it’s possible, just learn to edit HTML/CSS and modify the header.php in the kakumei template folder (or a copy of it). Mess around a bit and you’ll be able to find exactly where it’ll go if you put it in a given place in the template.

    Will try. Not too good at it yet. Am learning from the great WP and bbPress community as I go. Thought there might be a default stock theme with a navigation bar on it. Or can you guide me as to what code needs to be added in the CSS and header.php files?


    It’d be too broad a subject to cover really, but menus are generally done from using <li>/<ul> and using CSS to style those to appear how you want. There should be some examples on CSS styling tutorials and the like though.

    Thanks. Also I was looking at this bbPress theme in the showcase and it is sort of narrow. How do I make it as wide as this one?


Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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