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adding a "main theme forum"

  • Hi,

    i just installed my new bbpress forum with wordpress 2.9.2 integration which works fine… now i see how to add topics which is nice, but just can’t find anything about adding “forum main theme”

    I am not talking about “design theme” (which by the way you guys gotta change that it’s ridiculous to call forums by “forum main theme” very confusing and almost impossible to find anything that is not related to the actual “design theme”)

    anywho, how do i add new forums “main theme” to my forum??

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  • chrishajer


    rescued from Akismet



    how do i add new forums “main theme” to my forum?

    Do you mean a forum description? It’s in bb-admin/forums.php under “description”.

    no i mean adding multiple forum “main theme”

    sp far all i have as the ability to ad topics…. which is very weird as that’s exactly what wordpress is create topic (post) and discuss them…

    i am just trying to figure out what’s the use of such setup… if i can’t add forum, it’s kinda usless to have just a bunch of topics that can’t be sorted…

    check out the pick (how do you post a picure in bbpress??)

    got it…. for some reason i couldn’t connect to the admin dash board…. makes more sence now that i have a dashboard to work with…pfeww i really thought this forum was a joke. false alarm

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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