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Adding a button below all forum roots

  • kjgbriggs


    I am looking to add a button below all forum roots (under where the thread creation form sits) that is only visible when not logged in (it will be a login/register button collection).

    Personally, I don’t think this is necessary, I think the notification works fine, but a friend who I am developing this for is pretty insistant of there being something down there for people.

    I was wondering on how this would be done so it doesn’t disappear when updating BBPress?

    I would rather do this in an external plugin so it can be managed better, but I would need to restrict it so they only appear on BBPress forum root pages, and at the bottom of threads when you aren’t logged in.

    Do you have any pointers or examples on how I would prevent something like this from appearing on all pages and only in the areas I have mentioned?

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