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add 'viewed/read' css class to topic list

  • Anointed


    I want to provide some separation of the topics for the user to define which topics they have ‘read/viewed’.

    Concept is like other forums ‘mark forum posts as read’.

    One of the hardest thing for moderators to keep up with when working with very large active forums is knowing which topics they have read already. Many forum platforms make some type of change to a topic css once a user has viewed the topic.

    There are many ways of accomplishing this, and frankly I am not sure which way is the most efficient, hence my request.

    Please consider adding a system where a ‘topic-read’ css attribute is added to the topic_class.

    Once this is in place, then I can choose what I want to do with it from there on the styling side.

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  • amirsaam


    An advice, see this plugin for stanalone vr then you can see how can you done it for bbPlugin: Unread Topics



    It works by having a new table called utplugin_log which accounts for which posts have been read by which user in what topic.

    While working nicely, this also means that the plugin won’t scale well for huge boards, since the amount of records in that table have a potential for reaching number of users * number of topics.

    thanks for the link, however according to the above this is a non-starter. I run boards with hundreds of thousands of posts, and have friends with boards running in the multi-millions of posts and users.

    That’s kind of why I added the topic here in hopes that JJ or another dev would see it and come up with a scalable solution.

    thnx again

    John James Jacoby


    There is a long thread about this topic already. This isn’t something that can easily be built to scale, since it involves keeping some kind of record for each user * each topic’s freshness +/- replies, but I’d like to see some experimentation happen anyways.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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