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Add New – issue

  • Hi..

    I’v installed bbPress correctly (i guess) and intergrated it with WP, and it words fine. The problem is, that the link:

    that comes up, when I push “Add new / Tilføj ny (danish) » “

    The a form should appear (like the one i then buttom), but all that appears is a info “Hello user” edit etc.. no form..

    Someone how know whats wrong, or do you know another link/file that I could redirect the link to, so I will word?

    I’v created a user: testtest pass: 0b28fc

    – so you can try to login at se the faoult with you own eyes..

    I hope someone has a golden solution :)

    //And sorry, that the page is translated to danish

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  • Check forum/bb-templates/kakumei/post-form.php is present on your server. That is the only thing I can think of.

    Since it is showing on the first page it seems to be working there. I would switch over to the default theme and see if this happens for you and report back. It might be a simple thing with your new theme.


    Thanks for your replys.. i’v checked to post-form.php, and it is present in the “crystal” theme.

    I tried to switch back to the default theme, and suddenly it worked! Then I switched back to crystal theme at overwrited the original theme files (perhaps i’v done something with the files before).. but no, it still dosen’t work as it should :(

    I can’t remember, does the “cyrstal” theme have just the changed files or all the files? If the only changed files are style.css, header.php, front-page.php and maybe footer.php, I would just add back those files one at a time into an empty crystal folder and see what it takes to get the theme working using a limited number of files and not all of them. It will be one of the files that it doesn’t like with recent changes I am sure….


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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