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Add in my own HTML and CSS into topics page ‘comment’ box

  • juventino199


    I have some HTML and CSS I would like to add in the comments box (on the topics page) for a user to select when they are tying a comment. I have two things that would work for me if possible (either one or the other):

    1) Add in a ‘tab’ at the bottom of the comments box and then I can add in my HTML to appear there. And if this ‘tab’ can only appear when the user clicks to comment that would be great but, if not, a constant ‘tab’ that is attached to the comment section at the bottom would suffice (which moves with comment box if end user increases the size)


    2) Just add in my HTML to the ‘default’ comments box and fix it to a specific position without the tab on the bottom.

    The HTML is a toggle slider by the way if that is a query to anyone.

    Are either of these options possible? If yes, please let me know how and what file I should edit?
    If you are having trouble understanding please let me know.

    Thank you

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