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Add BuddyPress with GROUP forums using bbPress

  • MikeTime360


    Goal: Add BuddyPress with GROUP forums using bbPress.

    Situation: Current WordPress has bbPress installed as a SINGLE forum. BuddyPress is not installed yet.

    Problem: (on a test WordPress site) When I add BuddyPress, bbPress uses existing files and shows up as a SINGLE forum and will NOT show up as a GROUP forum.

    Q1. How do I remove/restructure bbPress so I can add BuddyPress with bbPress as a GROUP forum? (I am ok with losing current bbPress data, but would prefer to backup for a different use.)

    Q2. WHERE is current bbPress forum DATABASE so I can copy (then remove) it before I install BuddyPress with Group Forums using bbPress?

    Thank you for help!

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