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Add a new page?

  • Hey all, I need some help. Basically, I don’t want the post form showing up on any of the main pages but instead, I’d like to create a separate page called newpost.php that contains only the post form that I can link to from all appropriate pages. But when I create this page and try hitting it, it either cannot be found by typing in /bbpress/newpost.php or shows up as a blank page when I type in the full url to the theme (bbpress/bb-templates/theme/newpost.php).

    Any ideas on how to get this to work?

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  • Anyone have a thought on this? It’s driving me insane :/



    To start a new topic or reply to a thread? I think it would be easy enough to have a form on a page that submits to bb-post.php, but how would it keep all the topic and reply stuff straight? (I guess that’s not your question, but I just can’t get past it.)

    I don’t think you would call a template page directly though. Those template files are called by bbPress files in the root folder. So calling one directly is probably not intended.

    Just thinking out loud. Not sure how to accomplish it but it’s interesting to think about.



    I’m trying to do exactly the same thing. I’m really surprised that there’s not an easier way to just add a new page/template & tell bbpress to load the template based on the URI, there must be an easy fix via mod_rewrite, toying around with it now …

    There’s an interesting approach in this thread although thus far I haven’t been able to quite get that method behaving the way that I’d like, but will keep playing with it.

    Not sure if that helps, good luck & would be curious about any further insight anyone may have ?



    Decided to make a customized version or post-form.php as a template file that lives in the root folder, adding get_header & get_footer and passing the forum id as a GET var from wherever it’s linked from, which does the trick for me in the context of how our forums are designed. So you can just call it as yoursite.tld/your-bbpress-dir/post-form/?forum_id =n

    I’m sure there’s other ways of going about something like this, but this works for me.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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