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Activity Header in bpress controlled by bbpress?

  • hitkid


    I’m trying to edit "user" started the topic "Topic" in the forum "Forum" in the activity header of my buddypress activity page. I looked forever to try and find it in wp-content/pluggins/buddypress/bp-languages/buddypress.POT and couldn’t find this: %1$s started the topic %2$s in the forum %3$s I eventually found it in
    wp-content/plugins/bbpress/languages/bbpress.POT I then did this:

    1. edit the file bbpress.pot file in poedit.
    2. create the folder “bbpress” in the wordpress content languages folder. Make the languages folder if you need to so your path looks like this: wp-content/languages/bbpress
    3. save the edited bbpress.pot file as bbpress-en_US.po
    4. upload the created po and mo files to the bbpress folder in lanugaes. reset your cashe to see it working

    I found that in this thread:

    I also tried
    define ('WPLANG', 'en_US');

    Nothing. Am I doing this right?

    Please help, I’ve been stuck for weeks on this.

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