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Accessing bbPress Available themes

  • hi there,

    I just installed bbPress and was exploring the options for themes. On the website, the button for “Themes” redirects to “” which contains a 3 year old thread to a third party website. Why make visitors go through that? Why not just link to the external website directly if thats the only repository? It just makes it more confusing for newcomers…plus as a newcomer if I see a three year old thread my confidence goes way down about the plugin.

    I went to to download some of those additional themes for bbPress.

    1. Only some of the themes had a “Download” link. How do I access those themes without the download link?
      For example, I want to download Hellish Simplicity. When I click the “Website” link, I’m taken to a WordPress theme, not a bbPress theme.
    2. Do I install the Hellish Simplicity WordPress theme in the bbPress/my-templates/ folder or my themes folder? The instructions at suggest that i put in the bbPress folder. But this is confusing…

    I’m looking forward to using bbPress and hope that these questions are easily answered!

    thanks everyone,

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  • Sorry, but all three of your the links you referenced are referring to the old stand alone version of bbPress, we are trying to get all the docs updated but as some still use the 1.x versions we still need them though I know it becomes rather confusing if you hit a link relating to that old version.

    bbPress 2.1 has built-in theme support, if you want customize bbPress to closer look like your WordPress theme please see to get started.

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