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A Search for (Please!)

  • David Decker


    Please do add a proper search function here on!

    Currently it’s a pain in the ass to find older topics that are not tagged or just to find certain replies. The topic list and tag cloud are nice but really not enough!

    Example: I am regularly searching for “german” here to find users searching for translations and help. It’s so difficult currently to find older stuff that is about 4 weeks old.

    So, please come on and add a nice search box in the sidebar or header here with full text search!


    -Dave 🙂

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  • Lynq


    If I go into a forum category and not just the latest posts on the home page I see a forum search to the left, what do you see if you visit this page:

    David Decker


    Thanks for the tip!
    Never saw the “Forum Search” here – nice but not what I really want.

    That would mean 6 searches (because we have 6 forums here currently) plus using the additional “Reply Search” if I am in a long (single) topic thread…

    Also, both search boxes are only visible at second or third sight, better would be the occasional search box at the top or so…

    And if we are already on topic: just implement a proper search in bbPress core, that’s what the users want. Every user that asked me for any bbPress 2.x help wanted a proper forum search. Everyone. Period. So there’s really a need for that. (I’d love to drop my search widget plugin ASAP!!!)

    One could find some information, yes, but it’s really ineffective and NOT how it should be as an native implementation.

    A proper full text search over the complete forum – and an extra search over the Codex here – or both combined would be of greatest usefulness for all users here I guess!

    If it’s not possible just implement a proper Google Custom Search (already on…) — maybe I am doing just that for myself: setting up another Google Custom Search because the current situation does just not satisfy me (and don’t fits to this community here IMHO).

    Thanks, Dave 🙂

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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