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A question about users

  • I was looking for some basic information about bbpress, its concepts and structure, etc. I couldn’t find anything in the docs, so if somebody could point me to something it would be great.

    In the meanwhile, I have a basic question about users. Are the users regular wp users? Or are the bbpress users managed separately?

    And what about email notifications for the users? Is that handled separately from other plugins which deal with email notifications and subscriber management? Is there a place to see who is subscribed to what?



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    They’re all just users, but can be assigned different roles on their profiles.

    They’re not seperated by any mechanism but their roles.

    In the Dashboard, in the Settings > General menu, you can assign a default role under the New User Default Role option.

    How other plugins handle them? I really don’t know, that would depend on the plugins themselves. If you can define which user roles are targeted, you can seperate them. If not… Well, you’ll have to find a different way to keep them apart.

    How can I upload Image?

    Hi, Trifon. Nice avatar.

    So to clarify, what bbpress does as far as users go is just add extra “roles” regarding forums, in addition to the standard wp roles, right?

    I will have to add some test users to see how email notifications and subscriptions are handled I guess.

    The system looks quite interesting, but the documentation is sort of thin. There is a lot on PHP coding/development, but not much on actually using the system, as far as I can see in the Codex anyway.

    For example, how about user profiles or avatars?



    Doug, the docs are indeed a work in progress and now that 2.1 has been released hopefully we can get some more people to help update said docs.

    Hi, Netweb.

    I’m very interested in trying bbpress. Actually, my current site is a social network, so I was initially interested in trying buddypress. While interesting, I noticed it was slow (even on their site) and it wouldn’t work with my Weaver II theme.

    So I’m thinking maybe for my purposes that something faster, that also seems to work from within my Weaver II theme, like bbpress might be sufficient for my purposes.

    I guess the only thing that would be a shame to lose are the “friend connections.”



    For ‘friend connections’ as such you would need some kind of plugin like BuddyPress to handle the extensions to the user profile.

    You could also have a look at the new BuddyPress 1.6 beta 2

    I tried BuddyPress but it took over my site – it was completely incompatible with my theme. I can give it another look though.

    It wasn’t clear to me why one might want to have both forums and groups (i.e. why does BuddyPress include bbpress?).

    Also, when I installed it I ended up with both groups and discussion tabs, and thought that was confusing (and there was no real explanation of that in their docs either).

    Plus buddypress’s site is extremely slow – unlike this site. It makes me wonder if buddypress itself is very slow. It was also harder over there to FIND stuff, like my own support posts! That makes me wonder about the overall organization of buddypress.

    But having friends and extended profiles is an attractive feature that I would hate to give up. Plus the buddypress groups have group pictures/avatars, which is nice. It would be nice to have forum pictures in buddypress.



Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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