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A plugin for private/locked forums/topics

  • zaerl


    Hi there,

    I have written a plugin that is a rework of _ck_ “Hidden Forums”. The features:

    1) Forums/Topics can be hidden for a list of users and/or for all those users that have a particular role.

    For example you can hide a staff private forum to all users except administrators or a sticky topic for all guests.

    2) Forums/Topics can be locked for a list of users and/or for all those users that have a particular role. A locked forum doesn’t accept new topics. A locked topic doesn’t accept new posts/tags.

    It is different from a “closed” topic which is locked for everyone. You can use this feature for a news list post.

    3) You can specify super users and super roles that aren’t affected by previous rules.

    A good choice is admin and administrators respectively.

    4) You can specify custom prefixes for administrators if the forum/topic is hidden/locked.

    It is useful to keep track of hidden posts.

    5) You can specify replacement strings for the forms that aren’t shown on locked topics/forums.

    Something like “sorry but you can’t write new topics”.

    6) A fancy admin panel is included.

    In the panel you have a list of all forums/topics that are affected by the plugin.

    Actually I don’t think that my plugin is ready for a real site (but despite this I use it in a real site). I’m testing it in a sandbox but I need to cover cases in which there are thousand of posts.

    The question is: are you interested on testing my work in a sandbox (if you have one)? If the answer is “yes” I can upload the beta on the SVN otherwise I will test it by myself a little more.

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  • Thank zaerl, I’m definitely willing to test it out. I don’t know what sandbox is though.



    A sandbox is a local test platform that is private and have no external access. For example I use xampp for testing.

    email it. gerikg []



    Awesome just what I need, have my bbpress integrated into wordpress + buddypress, so would like to test it for you. Could you send it to me?





    If someone else what to partecipate to this closed beta just write here.

    Process of Illumination


    I am VERY interested, and ready to test it.


    Thank you!!!

    the Process






    email –

    Good work Zaerl



    Sent. The plugin is 90% finished. I’ve added a new feature that Xevo asked for and after some testing I will release it. Basically speaking is a list of users that are not affected by hide/lock rules like super users/roles but made in a per topic/forum base.



    I have loaded the plugin. You can catch it here. I think that it’s stable for a production environment. The final version of the filter is quite complex so here are the rules. A user can see a post/forum or create new topics/posts when one of these visibility rules is true:

    1) IS a super user (global rule)

    2) HAS a super role (global rule)

    3) IS a whitelisted user (topic/post rule)

    4) IS NOT a blacklisted user AND HAS NOT a blacklisted role (topic/post rule)

    also if you specify hide rules for a forum than all its subforums hide rules are changed accordingly. This is a design choice implemented in order to avoid confusion. If you decide to use my plugin feel free to ask me regarding the underlying mechanisms.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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