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A needed improvement ASAP

  • Moodle, the open source Course Management System ( has put together a package that contains all components needed for a Windows localhost installation (including Apache, MySQL and PHP). The only problem is that it is semi-manual. It would be nice if they would develop an installer that uses, for example, InstallShield, and makes the process automatic. I believe it would be very welcome and helpful for most users if WordPress would do the same for WP and bb and include both packages in the installer with checkboxes to select to install one or the other or both (under a Custom Install option).

    BTW will anyone at WordPress see this?

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  • I answered your other thread about this. There seems to be packages out there that automatically install all 3 components for you and to be quick (detailed explanation over other thread), no, bbPress and WP will never be a single install unless someone 3rd party does it (say a web host).


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