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A few questions, redirecting pages.

  • staceyc123


    Hi! i was just looking for some help to customise redirecting my bb press login pages.

    Currently when people register with my website using bbpress. it looks part of my website. but if they are met with the “ERROR: This username is already registered. Please choose another one.
    ERROR: This email is already registered, please choose another one.”

    then this message is displayed on a new page. (I have already changed the logo so it does not display the wordpress logo)

    but i would like the page to be views inside my website to look part of the website, like the register option is.

    The same goes for the “registration complete” page,
    Right now those pages look like a seperate website due to the page completely changing, Is this possible to change?

    One more thing, is there a way also to allow users to create a password upon registering, it seems a nuisance to have to register, then check your emails, visit a new page to create a password and then log in. Thats 4 steps to take.

    Im not great with coding so ideally the less coding the better,

    I did have another login plugin which did all this in the settings section but i think i need to use bbprress login as i have the bbpress forum. I don’t think any other login plugin will work to log into the bbpress forum.

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