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a DOH! question from an InDUHvidual

  • Hi folks :-) Something that is most basic that is not quite spelled out on the home page. Is bbpress a plugin to a standard WP site, or a REPLACEMENT for a WP site? As I read the install instructions, it seemed to be a total replacement and I’ve already got my WP site up and running. I was just looking for better forum software to add than the W-P forums which don’t seem to allow image attachments…


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  • bbPress is its own standalone program, similar to how WordPress is its own standalone program. It’s definitely not just a plugin to WordPress… although there are a few WP plugin forum plugins! Sounds like you’re already playing around with one of them. :-)

    Yeah, having trouble with W-P Forums. But not ready to start over the entire installation from scratch, which I would have to do I think with bbPRess…

    I’m looking for these features in WP: User registrations required for posts in forums, the ability to add images to forum posts, and possibly a link to a user image gallery…

    Got any ideas? Or do I need to go back to joomla or drupal?



Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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