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A description stating a post has been edited

  • Hi,

    I’ve been using bbpress for a good month now and it’s served is purpose quite decently so far.

    Yet there’s several occasions where I just wish the forum would put up a notice at the bottom of a post if anyone edited it. Now moderators (or just anyone) can edit a post without anyone knowing their post has been edited, making it look like they wrote it exactly that way, while a moderator could just as well have changed something.

    A function that always puts up a notice at the bottom of the post when a post has been edited, by anyone, would allow me to:

    1) Increase the time in which people can edit their post

    2) Prevent conflicts because of changed content

    3) Keep track of things that have been changed.

    Very basic functionality, but quite essential for any forum, in my opinion.

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  • Bump

    I am looking for the same things. Number 1 can be set in the admin-panel on a clean bbPress install (no need for hacking or plugin). But I would like to know how to pull the info about edits…

    It sounds like you’re describing a wiki?

    I haven’t tried that plugin yet, but it sounds like it might be up your alley!

    No, not the wiki-post. We want to be able to output a message under any post that has been edited by its author or by a moderator. phpBB has that functionality and it prints something like:

    “This post has been edited [number-of-edits] times. Last edit by [username] at [time].”

    And since bbPress has the option to edit posts it will be good to have some kind of indication about edits. It’s a forum board and integrity of posts is important.

    Sam Bauers


    This would be a pretty easy plugin to write (the note part, not the wiki part).

    The suspect revision tracking could be done with a plugin too, just a lot harder to achieve.

    a wiki-plugin already exists:

    a revision tracking plugin also:

    But it seems like it does much more than we basically desire.

    I just tested the Edit History plugin and it does indeed track all that data – last edit, last editor and number of edits. But it does not output the message in the normal topic view. Instead it uses a separate page with all the revisions of a post. And that page is not visible to everyone.

    I guess it is not hard to add that feature to the plugin. Wish I had the programming skills to do it!

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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