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A couple of things not working out of the box

  • Hi bbPress,

    I’m fairly new to wordpress and bbpress, so some of my points might just be invalid and based on “I did it wrong”… either way.. please help.

    I have installed:

    wordpress Version 3.2.1

    bbpress 2.0

    I have create one forum and one topic.

    I added the widget “List Forums bbPress” and the widget showed the forum correctly, but the link was bad. I found out refreshing my permalinks fixed this problem.

    When I got to my forum I am expecting to see the text I wrote about the forum and all topics associated with the forum. I do see all topics (in my case the one), but the text I wrote about the forum is not visible?

    the forum can be seen here:

    I hope someone can help me,



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