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A Bit of Feedback

  • ericnovak


    I first found BBpress 3 years ago. Personally I don’t remember finding BBpress or what I used it for, but I know that my account on here is 3 years old. I wonder if I have amnesia :P

    When I rediscovered BBpress yesterday I was pretty excited because the fact is that there isn’t anything like this on the net. This is the smoothest, lightest, nicest looking forum software out there.

    However, (and it’s always the however that gets y0u) BBpress needs a little forum work. I made a pun. Seriously, just trying to download plugins has been a major pain. Half the files either don’t work or they aren’t there. Some have major security flaws.

    So I ask you this, “Where are the forum moderators?” Make BBpress a bit more friendly and you’ll not only make it work better, you’ll also grab more interest from people who will make BBpress a phenomenon.

    -Eric Novak

    Graphic and Webdesigner

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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