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A bit of advice needed

  • Hi there,

    I started development on a wordpress + bbpress site quite a while back. Development stalled and I’m only coming back to it now.

    I had integrated wp + bbp fairly successfully but I have a feeling upgrading to WP2.5.1 might have broken a lot of that cross compatibility.

    The bbpress installed version is, but essentially it’s an empty forum (a couple of test posts from myself).

    Regarding upgrading to the latest version, I get a feeling I might almost be better off completely wiping the original forum version and starting again – I might run into less problems? I had a look through the trac but couldn’t really work out how much substantial change there has been between current and my older version.

    Any suggestions?

    Is uninstalling and reinstalling reasonably easy?

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  • chrishajer


    I would install bbPress latest which is and WordPress latest which is 2.5.1. The big change with WordPress 2.5.* and bbpress 0.9.* was with the cookies. If you have only a few test posts, I would just install WordPress fresh (or upgrade your WordPress installation) then install bbPress fresh. Integration is totally different now, no more plugins.

    Good luck.

    Ah brilliant,

    Thanks so much for the clarification. I was getting the feeling that quite a few things had changed all right. The main development site has had quite a lot of work done so far, but on bbpress all I had really done was set it to use the header and footer from the WP theme.

    It’ll be easy to dump it and start again.

    Actually on that point. In installing the old version I stored the bb_press database tables in this site’s WordPress database, eg:

    | bb_forums              |
    | bb_posts |
    | bb_tagged |
    | bb_tags |
    | bb_topicmeta |
    | bb_topics |
    | wp_comments |
    | wp_ig_caticons |
    | wp_links |
    | wp_options |
    | wp_postmeta |
    | wp_posts |
    | wp_term_relationships |
    | wp_term_taxonomy |
    | wp_terms |
    | wp_usermeta |
    | wp_users |

    Should I delete each of the tables prefixed “bb_” before continuing?





    If you are installing fresh, sure, just delete those. If you want, you can change the table prefix in your new bbpress installation. I forget where it is in the installation procedure, but maybe it’s under an option called “advanced database settings” or something? I think it was hidden unless you reveal it by clicking.

    If bbPress finds the bb_ tables there already, I suspect it might just try to upgrade the database. That’s probably OK, but if you don’t need the old bbPress installation, I would just start from scratch with new tables.

    Again, thanks for the advice. Looking forward to playing with the new version :)

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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