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_ck_’s bbPress Showcase

  • _ck_


    I decided last night after seeing some bug reports from people testing my plugins that I needed a more conventional bbpress install that I could test my plugins as well as other people’s.

    So I started this little site:

    I purposedly used low end (slow) hosting since my other sites are on high end setups. This way I can get a feel if anything is slowing bbpress down.

    On the site you can preview my

    bbPress Signatures and bbPress Polls plugins

    by making a test account.

    I’ve also activated “My Views” (which only works on 0.8.2.x for now)

    The goal was to stay as close to bbpress’s default template as possible but after a few hours the bright white was burning my eyes so I had to tone it down. I’ll probably have to revisit that and work on the colours a bit, it’s far too flat right now, sorry.

    Since this host has no web compression options, I’ll be releasing another mini plugin today after some more testing: bbpress gzip. It will let you compress bbpress pages via php and save on bandwidth, even if your host doesn’t have mod_gzip or other options available.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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