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  • Hey everyone! We just re-launched this past Tuesday and we like to show the bbpress community what we were able to do by using bbpress as a basis.

    • 9rules Notes This is what we started with a year ago and was basically a bbpress install with a pretty interface on top.
    • my.9rules Then this past February we built in more elaborate profiles to make it more of a social network.
    • my.9r Store We went a step further and now allow the slight customization of your profiles.
    • 9rules Clips Uses the same tables as the Notes bbpress install, it’s our version of Social Bookmarking/Social News.
    • We also created specialized areas (forums) called Cliques. An example can be seen here.

    All of this on top of a bbpress install and lots of hardwork. We love bbpress and many thanks to the developers for creating a kickass tool.

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  • Great looking applications! Way to go!

    Thanks Trent.

    Clips is sweet. I might just have to drum up a nice variation of it for Kineda. :)

    Any plugins you’d like to share?



    Okay, the 9rules notes is the coolest bbpress forum I’ve seen yet. It looks almost like a combination of a blog and a forum. Any tips on how to do something like that? The little preview is amazing and the number of responses looks great too.

    Is this forum theme available for download?


    It isn’t available and I doubt they would release it (for branding purposes). It is pretty wicked though :)




    Correct me if I am wrong but technically under the GPL if they modified an existing template and other plugins to make it work, they are required to make the code available ;-)

    But we’ll just admire it from afar I guess…

    Sam Bauers


    Only if they choose to redistribute it. If they just run it as a service where the code is never sold to it’s customers – either as source or compiled – then they are under no obligation to release the source. I doubt it serves their interests to release the theme and in my opinion that’s fair enough and in the spirit of the GPL.

    Besides this, it is arguable whether they would be bound by the GPL or not. As a theme strictly speaking isn’t a modification of bbPress (it’s just separate code that is compatible with the theme architecture) and the idea of “linking” as stated in the GPL is pretty vague when it comes to PHP applications. It was originally devised to cover more traditional application models where linking to libraries is more clearly defined.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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